Brotherhood of Belial

It is a fool who thinks that an ancient power like the chiropteran god Belial would not punish those who interfered with their great plan. After gunning down a notorious crime-cult known as the Sons of Belial, every member of the Augusta police department was touched by that vengeful god and marked as his playthings. Each officer was cursed so that they could only exist as things shifting in form, somewhere between the winged creatures of Belial’s realm and the darkened aspects of the people that they once were.

At first, these transformations were uncontrolled and painful, but over time many of the department learned to control it and even use their newfound strength and abilities in the line of duty as they continued to try to serve the city. Such is not the purpose of the Bat God, however, and as the police under Lieutenant Jim Dugan’s command respond to criminality with their newfound preference for brutality and lethal force, they unwittingly continue to carry out Belial’s great plan in the Shadow War.

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