Nautilus Privateers

The master of her own ship and crew, the self-styled Captain Nimue has earned a substantial bounty on her head for the audacious theft from the Barrow Shipyards of a prototype Morgana class submersible. Nimue has rapidly built a notoriety for using the stolen submarine, which she had christened ‘The Nautilus’, to make lightning raids on European shipping. While this brought down the ire of the Crown and their allies, her exotic looks, and penny-dreadful fuelled reputation made her popular with the press and the public.

In her apparent obsession with obtaining antiquities from across the globe, Nimue became aware of the Shadow War as the various forces in play often competed with her for artefacts and arcanum that she liberated from tombs and museums with equal ardour.

After realising that she is the reincarnation of the Lady of the Lake after undergoing regression therapy at the hands of Nathanial Lazerus, Rani Nimue’s quest to uncover relics of bygone eras has increased almost to the point of mania. How far into madness will her loyal crew follow her?

Rani Nimue

Sarder Hardit Singh

Charlotte Anning

Violet Smee

Erasmus Darwin

Drum of the Nautilus


Hex Beast

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