Soul Hunters

The Covenant of the Enlightened may not yet fully understand the Shadow War, they are making headway. The larger population of the Enlightened may even be unaware of the goings on in service to the powers at the heart of this secret struggle for power. One cell that does is the Hook and Ladder Club, known colloquially as the Soul Hunters. The sponsor of the club, Lord Buckland, has been handing tasks to Auger Hudson that often seem to put them at odds against the other players of this mysterious game.

Auger Hudson and his associates have been piecing together parts of the puzzle and learning more about the goings on in the Shadow War and attempting to force empirical meaning onto the strange and unusual things they encounter. Jocasta Tobin and Erin Meltzer, both valued members of the Hook and Ladder Club and well educated scientists in their own right, have been documenting their progress. Attempting to describe some of the more esoteric events in purely scientific terms has been a challenge but they are developing further ideas about such things as aether, phlogiston and even the space that is travelled between portals.

Unfortunately they are often brought into conflict with other groups and entities with their own agendas. Auger Warwick is starting to wonder if Lord Buckland has ulterior motives for sending the Hook and Ladder Club members across the world. The eldritch things they’ve seen and horrors they’ve had to put down are becoming more and more commonplace in their missions. Scientific progress was never meant to be this violent.

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