Infernal Investigations

There are many different branches of the Federated States Marshal Service that uphold the law across the Union, from judges in courthouses to the roving Rangers, organised police municipalities, and local sheriffs with their deputies. When the Shadow War leaves its mark on civilization through Mythos or other supernatural or otherworldly ephemera, something more is needed to uphold justice. When darkness truly falls, and the stuff of nightmares crawls out beneath the clearing skies, only one group can shine a light on the taint and corruption to enforce the Law.

Particularly active in the Shadow War are the Infernal Affairs team led by the indomitable Marshall Helena Miller. Miller uses her aero-pack to nimbly avoid trouble, her stormthrower pistols responding to threats in kind. Miller has a rational mind but has seen too much of the weird and worrisome in her career to not be a true believer in the paranormal and inexplicable. For Helena Miller, the Shadow War is the arc that links many of her investigations. It is a thread she would desperately like to pull on and tie off once and for all.

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