Secret Service

The common man of the Union knows that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Booth, such an important event has been covered in newspapers and spread like wildfire from coast to coast and has been essential in vilifying the enemies of the ideals of Manifest Destiny. Unbeknownst to all but a select few, the assasination was a pretence. An illusion performed to the public that allowed Lincoln to leave the position of President and focus on something that had been playing on his mind for some time. Files and dossiers had been arriving at his desk that seemed out of the ordinary, even for the wonders of the Dystopian Age. A report here, a statement there, eventually Lincoln managed to piece together mentions of a ‘Shadow War’ and an ephemeral element known as ‘Mythos’.As he gathered disparate events and found the links between them he understood that this was something deeper and more widespread than he originally conceived.

Now, Abraham Lincoln, with the help of Robert Pinkerton has established the Secret Service. A task force that looks into, and deals with, any enemies that have connections to Mythos or the Shadow War. In their quest they have even developed weapons to fight against this oncoming darkness. Milo Jefferson has found that ‘cold iron’, a Sturginium-Iron alloy, can be used to great effect against some of the more unusual entities that they have to fight against. With the will of Abraham Lincoln behind them, the Secret Service will fight against the darkness and, perhaps, with the Shadow War on behalf of humanity.

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